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What is the Recent Activity tab?

How to view the Recent Activity tab and how to recover deleted contracts .

The Recent Activity tab is the main Audit Log Window for your ContractSafe account. 

Recent Activity contains three Tabs.

  • User
  • Contracts
  • Deletions

Note : Only Admin level users can see the Recent Activity tab. 

The Recent Activity tab is located on the main Dashboard and the default display tab is the Contracts Tab.

In the Contracts tab we can see when a User Views/Updates/Uploads a Contract .


In order to change the tab to User Tab we simply click on it

In the User tab we can see the recent login activity for our users.


And lastly we have the Deletions Tab .

In the Deletions Tab we can see what contracts have been deleted and we have the option to recover them by clicking the Recycle-Bin symbol next to them.

In order to access Contract Specific Audit Trail please visit the following Article



Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.