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Quick Start Guide for Admins

ContractSafe is the fastest and easiest contract management solution! If you are an Admin user, here's where to start.

Thanks for signing up for ContractSafe!  This guide provides initial guidance for Admin users -- user the role Account Owner, Admin or Account Manager -- to setup your account for use by your organization.

We created ContractSafe to help you:

  • Find what you are looking for quickly, even within scanned documents
  • Make sure you are reminded of key contract dates
  • Create easy reports with the information you need
  • Collaborate with your co-workers

You can see this page for a quick (12 min) introduction to ContractSafe. You can get more help by selecting Support under the Settings Icon at the top of every ContractSafe page (top right).   Or feel free to contact ContractSafe directly via chat on the site or at support@ContractSafe.com.   

Ok . . . Now that’s out of the way . . . let’s get started! 

1)  Setup Folders

You can assign each contract to a Folder to keep them organized, see information and create reports by Folder. You can also set each User’s Permissions to limit their access by Folders (See #4 below.). 

You can setup your Folders to match the specific needs of your organization. Some organizations select their Folders based on their departments (i.e., Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources etc.) and others do this by the kind of agreement (i.e., Sales Agreements, Vendor Agreements, Employee Agreements, etc.). It’s best to pick one approach or the other and start with a basic list of Folders. It’s easy to make adjustments and add more Folders as you become more familiar with the site and add more contracts.

The easiest way to configure your Folders is right from your starting Dashboard:

You can also change your Folders on the Settings page.

For all accounts at the Basic level and above, you also have the option to enable and use Subfolders. You can use Subfolders for filtering, reporting, or even permissions.  Just be careful!  Most of our customers are coming to us from a world where Subfolders and shared drives get out of control quickly.  Use the power of Subfolders wisely :-).

2) Setup Tags

You can also use Tags as another way to segment and organize your contracts. You can create any number of Tags and apply any number of Tags to each contract. This enables you to assign Tags and track contracts by region, territory, facility, project, etc. And, if you have a Professional Subscription or higher, you can set each user’s Permissions to grant them access to contracts by Tags (in addition to Folders).

This is also how you can use your ContractSafe account as a virtual data room for diligence and audits! Just create a Tag for the diligence/audit project, Tag the contracts that are relevant, and add the third parties as Read Only Users with their Permissions limited to this single Tag.

You can also set up your Tags from your Dashboard.  Just click over from Folders to Tags, and click on the link to set up Tags:

And start adding your Tags.

You can also add/rename/delete your Tags from here or from the Contract Page page where you apply the Tags. 

3) Setup any initial Custom Fields / Templates

If we don’t have a standard field to track the information you want, and you want more control than Tags or Folders offer, you can create Custom Fields. They can be just about any format – text, number, check box, currency, drop-down, multiple choice or date. You can also group Custom Fields together into Templates of Custom Fields (basically a form with just the fields you want for a topic) that apply to specific kinds of agreements.

For example, you may have a group of Custom Fields you want applied to customer agreements and a different set of Custom Fields you want applied to vendor agreements. We make it easy to do this!

And once you start using Custom Fields, you can use this information to search, filter, report and display the information on your Dashboard.

You can create and manage your Custom Fields and Templates in Settings.

The initial dialog box is where you create and edit Custom Fields.

Once you’ve created the Custom Fields you want, you can group them into Templates to make it easy for your team to access the right set of fields.  Click on the Templates button at the top of the dialog box.

Once you create or select a template, you just click the fields you want to include. Super easy!

Custom Fields and Templates are available to your Users in the Custom Fields section of each Contract Page.    

4) Invite initial users and assign their Roles and Permissions

Every ContractSafe account includes the ability to invite an unlimited number of additional Users and manage their Role and Permissions so they can only see and change the contract information that you want.

You can add Users and manage their Roles and Permissions in Settings.

To add a new User, simply enter their email address and select +invite User. You can then select their Role and Permissions. 

Roles cover what a user can do in the system (Read Only? View/Edit but not delete? Configure the account and add new users?, etc.).

Permissions grant or restrict access by either Folders or Tags.  This is how you control what a user sees (or doesn’t see!) in ContractSafe.

Note that new users will not have access to any contracts until you give them a Role and set their Permissions. 

5) Configure your email address for emailing documents into your account

We make it easy to upload contracts into your account. In addition to doing this on any page in ContractSafe (just hit Add Contracts), you can also email contracts directly into your account by using the ContractSafe email-in address for your account. You can configure this email-in address in Settings to make it something specific for your organization.

Once the dialog box opens, just fill in the box with the email prefix you want for your company.  If no one else is using it...it’s yours!

6) Upload and setup your existing contracts

Once you’ve taken the above steps to configure your account, you’re ready to start uploading your existing contracts. We can help with onboarding services that are tailored to your needs. If you have your contracts organized with key data in a spreadsheet, we can upload your contracts and data into your account. If you don’t have organized data, we can take care of everything with our Jump Start Service. We’ll take all your files, get them organized, extract the key data, have this validated by paralegals, upload this data and the contracts into your account, and set your email reminders for key dates. It’s a turnkey way to get all your contracts organized!

7) Create and share custom Saved Views

Don't you get tired of your Contract List being over-cluttered with a dozen columns that bombard you with unnecessary details? Well, Saved Views allows you to customize the display of your Contract List to show only the most pertinent information. You can toggle between different Views on your Contract List depending on what details you want to focus on when looking at your contracts. 

You can also find all your Saved Views (the ones you created and those that have been shared with you) on your Dashboard. What's more, you can also make sure your whole team is on the same page (literally!) by sharing your View with everyone or just specific users. And you can even have all the information in a View emailed out on a regular basis (or just one time) as a Scheduled Report -- simply set the date, choose who gets it, and your report will go out automatically. 

Saving Views, Sharing Views and Scheduling Reports are all available at the Standard subscription level and above.

* * *

With these few steps, you can configure your ContractSafe account and start using it across your organization. Our mission is to make this process incredibly easy for you and your colleagues. If you have any questions, please see the support materials on the site or email us at support@ContractSafe.com.