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Introduction to Upgraded User Permissions

We have upgraded User Permissions! Important: You do not need to take any action. All your existing users and their permissions will remain the same.

We have upgraded User Permissions to make them easier to use and more powerful! There is also a new look. You can see all this by visiting Settings > Users. Below is a summary of these changes with links to more information and details. 

For a live demonstration of these new features, please join us at one of our weekly New Features Training Sessions
For Admin users, here's more information on [how to enable / disable the more advanced new User Permission]. 
If you have any questions about the upgrade or would like more information, please reach out to Customer Success at support@contractsafe.com.
New Functionality For All Subscriptions:
  • Ability to add multiple new Users at once—save time adding and managing multiple users. Here's more information on adding multiple users.

  • Ability to create User Groups.  Easily create the role and permissions by department or division.  You can quickly add new users to the group and modify the group at any time. Here is information on creating user groups.   

  • Selective new contract notifications—pick which folders you want a user to be notified about for new activity (it doesn’t have to be all that they have access to). Here's more information on new contract notifications.

  • Option to add first and last names for Users—easier user identification when working with high numbers of users (you do get unlimited users with ContractSafe!). Here's more information on identifying users by name.

New Functionality for Professional Subscriptions and Higher

  • Grant different level permissions for different Folders: Allow a user to have editing rights for a few Folders but read-only access to others. Here's more information on complex permissions

  • Bypass SSO for users: If SSO is enabled, allow certain users to bypass the SSO login. Selected users can login with a regular email/password combination. Helpful to allow access to users not in your directory. Here's more information on SSO exclusions.  

Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.