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Can I add a reminder to a date for multiple contracts at once?

Yes! You can add a reminder to multiple contracts (even if they have different dates) with bulk actions.

Bulk Actions can be used to edit any value in ContractSafe in bulk.  This includes adding a reminder to multiple contracts all at once.  For example, you can set all the contracts in your Insurance folder to send out an alert 4 months before the Termination Date, and to always go to the same 4 people.  By using the Bulk Edit feature you can set the reminder one time but apply it to all the contracts at once.

This is especially useful if you'd like to apply the same reminder settings to multiple contracts such as attaching the original document, including custom message, or making sure the same group get reminders for certain contracts!

First, head to the Contract List page by clicking Contracts at the top of the page:

Use the Filters to help identify the contracts you'd like to add a reminder to:

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 4.37.34 PM

Select the contracts that need a reminder and click Edit:

Choose the date you'd like to add a reminder to (for example, Termination Date) and select Reminders from the second dropdown:


Note: If the contracts you've selected don't have a value for this date, you will need to add that first before adding a reminder in bulk!

Now you can apply the same reminder settings to each of these contracts, and it will apply to whatever the Termination Date is. This will especially save you time if you'd like to include the same email addresses for each or the same custom message on multiple date reminders!




Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.