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The New Contract Page is Here!

A new and improved version of the Contract Page is now available on the site.

We made our biggest update in years and are so excited to share it with you! Over the last six years, we heard a lot from you about how the Contract Page in ContractSafe could be even better. Well, guess what? We listened! A brand new Contract Page has been released on the site. 

The changes you see in this update had one key goal in mind: bring out important features from tabs and menus so you can easily access them directly from the Contract Page. Allow us to summarize what these updates are. Be sure to click the links in each section for additional information.

1) Single page viewing. Instead of there being four different tabs (Dates & Reminders, Related Docs, Custom Fields, and General) that you have to switch between to view information, all this information can now be viewed on one page.

2) "Templates" are now "Forms" and are configurable. Include just the fields you want (standard fields and custom fields) in one Form without having to also click through different tabs. This replaces the approach of saving and seeing custom fields separately in Templates. Users with Admin rights have the option to edit these Forms with new drag and drop functionality. Don’t worry, all your Templates have been saved as Forms on the new page. If you don't see all your fields immediately, here's a short video on how to add them to your Default Form

3) Configure where Notes are displayed. And there’s more … the Notes section can now be displayed at the top right or bottom right of the Contract Page.

4) Select from three document viewing options. There’s no more scrolling down to the bottom of the page to view the contract. View the data and contract side by side, the data by itself, or just the contract in a larger format.

5) Improved Dates & Reminders. We made a number of changes to make Dates & Reminders even easier to use, including a big upgrade to the auto-renew feature.

Have questions? Need help with these updates? Contact us at support@contractsafe.com.