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January 2021 Product Updates

Randy Bishop January 28, 2021

Happy New Year everyone!  To help you start the year off right, we have:

  • Added a new type of Custom Field for tracking spending
  • Improved AI for Effective and Termination Date
  • Boosted Search & Filtering speeds
  • Strengthened Security

Read on for more details.  We have doubled our engineering team in the last few months and have a lot of great new features and improvements planned over the next 6 months.

Ledger Fields

We’ve added a new type of Custom Field to track total spend against a contract.  These new Ledger fields can be added to any Template, and allow you to input:

  • A total authorized or contracted amount
  • Invoices or payments or any other spending over the course of the contract

The remaining balance and total amount spent/received to-date are displayed at the bottom.


The Contracted Amount, Total To-date and Remainder can all be displayed on the Contract List as well.  Like everything in ContractSafe, these new fields are easy to set up and simple for your team to use.  Here’s a link with more on using these new fields.

Improved AI

We are making a big push to make AI work better for you.  To start, the accuracy of our Effective Date and Termination Date fields have been dramatically improved.  Across a broad range of contracts they are succeeding 90%+ of the time.

That’s just the start!  Improved Party Names and Contract Name will be launching shortly, and we plan to release an additional 10-12 AI fields over the first half of the year.

Speedier Search & Filtering

As you add more and more contracts to your ContractSafe, we want to make sure we are growing with you.  We have made several improvements to make sure that search and filtering remain super fast for you, even for large accounts.  We have other significant upgrades planned over the next few months in this area as well.

Better Security

We have launched a variety of online tools to improve the stability and security of the site.  This is another area we continue to invest in so you can sleep at night knowing we take our name seriously!  Our goal is to ensure your contracts are safe, and easy to access whenever you need.

As part of the security push we have made Multi Factor Authentication available to all users.  It's easy to turn on and will improve the security for your whole team.  Here's how to do it.

Stay Safe!
ContractSafe Product Team


Topics: Updates

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