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Contract Addendum vs. Amendment: Key Differences Explained

Ever accidentally put salt in your coffee?  Maybe you were a little too drowsy to notice, or you were at a restaurant that got a little too creative with their salt and sugar containers. Either way,...

Create a Standardized Contract Service Agreement (Free Template)

Service agreements can be overwhelming — but they’re also very important. Whether you’re a business owner looking to clarify the expectations of your service provider or a freelancer wanting to...

What Is Contract Compliance? 7 Best Practices To Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out of Your Contracts

Contract compliance might just be corporate America’s least favorite dance. It’s a complicated affair involving multiple parties, with steps that change on the fly. And missing a step can result in a...

What Is AI in Contract Management?

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT... It’s an AI language model that can answer questions, create blog posts, and even write code. And now, it’s taking over contract management…kind of. AI in contract...

What Is Procurement Contract Management? Two Peas in a Tech-Heavy Pod

Ever heard the phrase “as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof?”  Well, that's the life of procurement professionals.  They're experts at multitasking.  They're natural negotiators.  They're contract...

ContractSafe Receives Strategic Growth Investment

We've got some big news to kick off the new year. We are thrilled to announce that ContractSafe has received a $27.5mm strategic growth investment from Five Elms Capital. This is our company's first...

12 Contract Management Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

Do you love motivational quotes and posters featuring adorable kittens “hanging in there”? Then you might appreciate this little gem: You can’t spell “challenge” without “change.”  Ponder that for a...

6 Stages of the Contract Management Lifecycle

Everything has a lifecycle, from the water on Earth to the forgotten Greek yogurt still sitting in your fridge. But what if we told you that contracts went through a cycle, too? Mind blown. The...

9 Crucial Contract Management Tools for 2023

We know — contract management is kind of like weeding your garden.  It may be tedious while you’re at it, but having a clean yard is well worth the work. Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is a...

What Is Contract Management in Healthcare? (+5 Benefits)

Behind every great hospital, there’s a team of administrative wizards keeping the whole ship afloat.  Back-office teams may not be the stars of the show, but they’re definitely the ones running it. ...

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