Randy Bishop

Randy Bishop is Co-Founder, President and Chairman of ContractSafe. he previously started and ran businesses in software and cleantech. Randy was the CEO of Verengo Solar, which he and Ken Button grew from a start-up to over $100 million in sales. Randy is a member of Young Presidents Organization, and he serves on the board of KIPP Los Angeles. He received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar, and his undergraduate degree from Stanford University.

ContractSafe Receives Strategic Growth Investment

We've got some big news to kick off the new year. We are thrilled to announce that ContractSafe has received a $27.5mm strategic growth investment...

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Top 10 Contract Lifecycle Management Metrics to Track ROI

Top 10 Contract Lifecycle Management Metrics to Track ROI

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How In-House General Counsels Can Use Automated Alerts and Automation to Drive Down Renewal Costs and Risks

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Ask and You Shall Receive: Find What You Need in Any Contract

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Contract Management Reports for Your Healthcare Organization

Contract management reports provide data for analyzing everything from compliance, budgets, and finances — to project bids, vendor relationships, and...

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