July New Features--SubFolders, Reports...and more!

Randy Bishop July 21, 2020

Summer is here!  And with it, some great new ContractSafe features .  Keep reading for more information about SubFolders, an improved Dashboard, User reports, and more.   Let's dig in!


For accounts at the Basic plan and above, you now have the option to add SubFolders.  You can use these for filtering, reporting, or even permissions. For details about turning this feature on, click here.


Just be careful!  Most of our customers are coming to us from a world where SubFolders and shared drives get out of control quickly.  Use your subfolders wisely.  With great power comes great responsibility 😉.

We also added a quick report you can send out to get a full list of all your Folders and Tags for easier reporting/management.

Improved Dashboard

We've adjusted the Dashboard to allow for the adjust the size of the Folders, and to allow a view by CounterParty.  Both of these are now live!

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 8.15.30 AM

User Reports

In addition to our full audit trail by contract and logging all activity on the site, Administrators can now generate an instant report by user of what they have been doing in ContractSafe.   Or just send out a list of all Users and Permissions.


Other recent updates.

ContractSafe now also works with Google Authenticator, Microsoft 365 Sign-In, as well as most Single Sign on Solutions.  We also have an integration with SalesForce, DocuSign, and Zapier.  Overall you can connect ContractSafe to over 2,000 applications!


More good stuff coming soon.  Stay tuned!  




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