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What is software integration?

Software integration refers to the process of combining separate software programs or elements into one system. The level of integration can range from the combination of components that are relatively small to larger systems of significant size and complexity. As a result of the integration, these multiple programs are able to share one database.

The integration should be carefully coordinated to result in a seamless connection of the separate parts. When done skillfully, the increased efficiency is a tremendous benefit to the organization. On the other hand, if separate platforms cannot communicate with one another, it is necessary to run separate systems, thereby decreasing efficiency.

A variety of factors can impact the ease or difficulty with which components can be integrated, if at all. For example, differences in language and other technical issues, such as architecture, can create problems. Thus, attempting integration is sometimes a demanding and difficult task, requiring time-consuming and expensive work by IT Professionals. On the other hand, some software is created with the possibility (or even probability) of integration already in mind, containing components and programming that support easy integration. ContractSafe has taken the latter approach. That’s why our contract management software has such easy integrations with existing IT, including with SalesForce and DocuSign.

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