Generate Life Sciences Saves Time And Generates Kudos

Margaret Howell Benson is the General Counsel at Generate Life Sciences, an organization that helps families grow and flourish through innovation in sperm and egg donation, newborn stem cell processing, genetic screening, medical device, and healthcare technology services. Generate Life Sciences has a small legal department that supports many individuals in different departments who need different access to their particular contracts. The progression of their contract management has evolved from relying on the legal department to find a particular contract to making controlled access available to anyone who needs it within the company.

Margaret and her team realized they needed something that was easy to use and searchable with natural language. After getting ContractSafe implemented, she found that not only did the product completely streamline their contract management with something that was easy to use, but the benefit of having reminders for things like upcoming deadlines and renewals made the software an incredible value.

“Simplicity was our number one concern...I feel like we've chosen the right platform with ContractSafe, and we've gotten a lot of compliments.”

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