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Education contract solutions

Learn how ContractSafe’s education contract management software makes it easier for colleges, universities and secondary schools to manage the contract lifecycle.

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Shorten your to-do list with ContractSafe

In education, everyone’s already busy enough.

Staff at colleges, universities and other education institutions wear a lot of hats. Make it easier to access the documents your team needs. If you’ve outgrown legacy systems and need a budget-friendly way to manage contracts, ContractSafe is for you. 

Higher education’s favorite features & benefits


Easy Organization

OCR makes it easy to search scanned documents for key information while [AI]ssistant automatically pulls key contract details to cut down on manual data entry.  



Unlimited users and custom permissions mean no one needs to be a gatekeeper. Audit trails make it easy to see who changed what, and when. 



With seamless integrations with DocuSign, Salesforce and Zapier, ContractSafe fits into your established processes, making contract management the easiest part of your day.

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Zero implementation costs and transparent pricing tiers mean you won’t pay extra for features you may never use. Only pay for what you need. 


Date & compliance tracking

Set automatic alerts about deadlines and other requirements. You’ll reduce expensive human errors and save time. Set alerts for anyone on your team.


Simple Contract Creation

Templates and intake forms make it simple to create new contracts. Approval workflows, version control and unlimited e-signatures help speed up contract execution. 

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    “...This does everything I wanted; and more! Contract management is only one of the tasks I am responsible for and we grew out of my Excel spreadsheet long ago. I need a product that is simple to use, that I can share, that will easily remind me when contracts are due…There is nothing I don't like about this software!”

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    Karen K.
    Director of Business Services, Education Management

Education resources

We mind the details so you don’t have to. Dive into today’s most helpful contract management resources. 

“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins

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Contract relief in a few clicks.

With fair pricing, zero implementation fees, unlimited seats and a free trial, you have nothing to lose by diving into ContractSafe. Lighten your load today. 

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