Contract Management

Education Contract Solutions

Here are just a few benefits and features of our education contract management software for colleges and universities:

  • Makes it easier than ever before to approve contracts
  • Helps you keep track of key dates and notifications
  • Enables you to monitor compliance and contractors
  • AI-assisted automatic data extraction

Managing Education Contracts is Tough...

ContractSafe makes it easy.

Colleges and universities must address numerous challenges within their contract management, including keeping track of intellectual property agreements and agreements with general service providers. With ContractSafe, contract managers within higher education and secondary schools can better manage their contracts.

Higher education institutes and universities across the United States that have switched to a cloud-based contract management system have:

  • Decreased procurement time
  • Increased security
  • Increased visibility across the organization

Our Clients in Higher Education use ContractSafe for:


Contract Management

ContractSafe takes the guesswork out of contract management, enabling contract managers to maximize operational & financial performance.


Managing Permissions

With ContractSafe, you can assign individuals with different permissions --from read-only to full admin rights, giving you more control over who has access to your contracts.


Compliance Tracking

Adhering to compliance requirements just got easier. Through compliance automation, alerts & tracking you’ll reduce error & save your organization time & money.


Receive Alerts

ContractSafe keeps track of deadlines & alerts you when a deadline is approaching. You can also receive updates when a new contract is uploaded.


Streamlined Document Management

Automatic OCR means you’ll find the documents you need instantly. Even better, you can search within documents & quickly find the information you need, even if they’re scans!


Built To Scale
  • Ideal for all company sizes
  • Fully scalable
  • Flexible tools are designed to make your life easier
  • You’ll be up and running in days, not weeks or months
  • Full onboarding service
  • Unlimited online support
  • Customized training sessions

Manage Your Contracts with ContractSafe

Our contract management software can help streamline and simplify your contracts. Here are just a few features of our education contract management software:

HIPAA No implementation
HIPAA Automated email
HIPAA Upload all contracts and
agreements to a centeral
HIPAA Powerful search with automatic
OCR for all contracts
HIPAA Full reporting
and analytics
HIPAA Malware and
virus detection
HIPAA Integration with
HIPAA Artificial Intelligence (AI)
assisted automatic
data extraction
+ No implementation fees. Period.

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  • Store and Manage Your Contracts Securely and Intuitively
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  • Set Custom Notifications and Deadline Reminders
  • Save Time and Money with AI-Assisted Contract Set Up