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By Ken Button

CIO Review Top 20 Most Promising Legal Tech Solution Providers

CIO named ContractSafe as one of the top providers of legal technology solutions for 2018.

ContractSafe was picked by CIO Review as one of its Top 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers - 2018! Here's a link to our full profile

CIO Review's editors summed it up with, "ContractSafe takes a refreshingly different approach than run-of-the-mill CLM solutions . . . ." 

They highlighted that our customers rate ContractSafe as "world class," based on a recent net promoter score survey (NPS) conducted among the company’s clients.

And they included a case study on how Dollar Shave Club used our Jump Start service to get all their existing contracts easily setup in their account. "ContractSafe saved Dollar Shave Club time and helped keep them on top of their contracts," concluded the editors. 

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