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Clients Bring $4b In-House

Ken Button September 15, 2016

For many companies, increasing rates, runaway scopes of work, and an inability to utilize institutional knowledge have led to a staggering trend of moving legal services in-house.

Companies moved a staggering $4.4b worth of legal services in-house in the past year, according to a new survey conducted by BTI Consulting Group. This continues a long-term trend, with more services moving in-house in eight of the past ten years. The reasons – increasing rates, runaway scopes of work, and an inability to leverage the relationships they have in place to benefit from their current firms’ institutional knowledge.

In-house legal teams need new tools to help them effectively manage this workload. That’s why we built ContractSafe. It’s a new kind of contract management solution for companies that can benefit from having their legal documents better organized, but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money getting there. Click here to schedule a free 15 minute demo.

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