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Randy Bishop

Time to ski?  Don't forget to renew your contracts!

A popular ski resort failed to renew its lease, highlighting the importance of contract renewal.

It's ski season!  And the Olympics! We love to ski here at ContractSafe (even though we're in Los Angeles).  As everyone heads out to the slopes, we wanted to repost one of our favorite stories...about what The Salt Lake Tribune called “one of the most monumental blunders in Utah business history.”

For those of you that missed it, the company operating the ski resort at Park City "forgot" to renew their 50 year lease for the mountain, and the land was then leased instead to Vail Resorts.  Lawsuits ensued, and the judge basically said "Sorry, the lease expired and you didn't renew in time."  Whoops!

Hopefully your contract misses aren't costing you tens of millions...but they are likely costing tens of thousands, if not more.  That's why we built ContractSafe.  To help you avoid these types of problems.  Easily.  Affordably.  Quickly.   Click here to find out more.

Here is a longer article from the NYT about this.  Enjoy the slopes!  And stay safe!

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