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We asked our customers what they think....

Randy Bishop November 16, 2017

ContractSafe customers rated our service "World Class" because we make contract management easy.

We just did a quick survey of our existing customers.  We wanted to know how we're doing and what features our customers would like to see added to ContractSafe.

With the survey results, we calculated our Net Promoter Score (NPS).  This is a wonky marketing term that was coined in a Harvard Business Review article back in 2003.  It is used to measure "Likeliness to refer your product."  NPS is generally considered the best metric of both overall customer satisfaction, as well as long term business health. 

So how did we do?

A score of 70 or over is considered "World Class."  (the scale goes from -100 to 100).  The average technology company scores a 57, according to NPS Benchmarks.  For reference, SAP scores a 19 and Oracle a 25.  Amazon recently scored a 69.

ContractSafe customers rated us "World Class" with a score of 70.  

Take that Jeff Bezos!  Actually, growing to Amazon's size, and scoring 69 on your NPS score is pretty impressive.  Well done Amazon!

Why the amazing score?

To understand why customers are so happy, take a look at some quotes from ContractSafe customers in the survey:

"Very easy to use; documents scan in seconds; email reminders are great; extremely user friendly; very responsive team."

"I love the ease, price, and efficiency."

"Easy to use + excellent customer service"

"Very easy to use and love that it connects with DocuSign!"

"I have not had any problems with the program and it is easy to use."

"Your contract repository is easy to get started, use, is a good price and offers some great features like sending email reminders for auto renew or expiring contracts."

"I love the ease of use of ContractSafe and the security standards are excellent."

Detecting a theme?  Here at ContractSafe we are laser-focused on making an easy-to-use contract management system that gets rid of your contract headaches.  

Don't take our word for it...try it out here for free.  Come see what our customers love!


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