ContractSafe offers a powerful, easy-to-use contract management software solution that enables enterprise-wide collaboration.

With a secure centralized repository and a robust suite of contract lifecycle tools, ContractSafe can put an end to your company's contract headaches.

ContractSafe's contract management platform enables business to:

  • Automate the contract lifecycle and increase productivity. Gone are the days of relying on spreadsheets and shared drives. 
  • Safely encrypt and store documents in a centralized secure contract repository only accessible to employees with permission. 
  • Easily locate documents, titles, clauses, or expiration dates with a robust set of search tools, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which makes searching scanned documents a breeze.
  • Never miss a key contract date - customizable alerts and reminders can help your team stay ahead of expiring agreements. 

ContractSafe can help facilitate the entire contract management lifecycle including creation, negotiation, signature, administration, and renewal. ContractSafe's contract management software enables teams across multiple departments or locations to work collaboratively to increase the speed at which documents move through the organization.

Simplifying the Contract Lifecycle

By utilizing ContractSafe's suite of powerful contract management tools, your teams will be able to locate contracts 6X faster and never miss a key contract date. Say goodbye to the stress and inefficiency of manual contract management and hello to a more streamlined and secure workflow.

Effective Search & Reporting

Your contract management software is the central repository for legal documents across your organization, so effective search capabilities are essential to ensure various contract stakeholders can quickly find what they need.

  • OCR technology makes it a breeze to search scanned documents for party names, legal clauses, expiration dates, and more. 
  • Intuitive broad match or exact match keyword searching allows you to find what you need quickly.
  • Easily label documents with custom fields and track them accordingly.
  • Create customizable, role-based dashboards to help each team get instant access to the insights they need.

Alert Settings

Configurable alerts and reminders minimize operational risk by ensuring your teams never miss a contract renewal or expiration date. ContractSafe's customizable alerts can keep all team members in the loop, regardless of their department or location.

  • Leverage automated email alerts ahead of key contract dates, so teams can stay ahead of schedule.
  • Track everything including renewals, expirations, deliverables, and payment dates.
  • Schedule recurring reminders daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 
  • Plan ahead with calendar views that provide a holistic view of upcoming contract dates.

A Secure Central Contract Repository

ContractSafe's contract management software can serve as the single point of storage for all legal documents. A searchable, central secure contract repository in the cloud can make documents accessible from any location while also keeping them safe and secure.  Good cloud repositories today are typically more secure than those hosted locally, as you benefit from all the expertise of hosting companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Keep documents encrypted and secure in ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data centers.
  • Prevent hackers and data breaches with state of the art intrusion detection systems. 
  • Virus and malware detection systems safeguard your contracts from hackers or data breaches.
  • Create backups of your contracts at any time for extra peace of mind.

Sharing & Role Permissions

Not all employees will perform the same tasks or need the same level of access to various documents, controls, and features. User roles and permissions allow you to manage risk in a way that spreadsheets and shared drives do not. 

  • Manage what team members can do by easily assigning roles with one  simple click.
  • Ensure only employees with permission can edit documents with simple read / write assignments. 
  • Control access and make sure documents are only able to be viewed by the intended audience. 
  • Keep all teams in the loop with enterprise-wide access.

Seamless Integrations

Companies of all sizes often depend on multiple platforms to support the contract lifecycle. ContractSafe makes it easy to integrate your contract management platform with other key tools.

  • Execute documents in minutes with two-way DocuSign integration
  • Increase productivity and reduce administrative overhead with Okta/SAML 2.0 for single sign-on authentication. 
  • Sync your contract date with your CRM with a seamless SalesForce integration. 
  • Use Zapier to integrate ContractSafe with over 4,000 web applications, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams and more.

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Unlimited Support

A dedicated support staff is key for adopting an enterprise-wide software. ContractSafe offers unlimited customer support to help your team with the initial platform integration, to provide customized training sessions, and to troubleshoot issues that pop-up down the road. 

  • Receive support in minutes through phone, email, online chat - whichever is your preferred method of communication.
  • Contact support when help is needed with no extra costs or fees.
  • Leverage the support team to help import existing contracts or to fully integrate the platform into your contract ecosystem. 

Contract Management AI

Streamline your contract management and save valuable time with the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence.

  • ContractSafe's [AI]ssistant simplifies the setup process for you, automatically extracting important contract data such as parties involved, start/end dates, and renewal dates reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • With [AI]ssistant, organizing your contracts is a breeze - effortlessly categorize, generate reports, find information, and set reminders with minimal effort.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs with ContractSafe's Powerful Contract Management Software

ContractSafe increases visibility, compliance, and security around the contract management lifecycle. It can also lead to a faster contract management process, more closed deals, and ultimately more revenue.

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