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11 Procurement Risks You Need To Know

Remember the Suez Canal fiasco?

What Is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Why Is It Important?

Contract lifecycle management isn’t a great dinner party topic. But the success of your business could depend upon doing it well.

The Procurement Manager’s Guide to Vendor Contract Management

Managing vendor contracts and relationships is an often-underappreciated balancing act that procurement managers face.

What is contract management in procurement?

Contract management is an important part of the procurement process that involves the creation, negotiation, and storage of all legal documents that...

Hospitality Contract Management Software

The contract lifecycle at any company can be a laborious process, but the hospitality industry presents its own unique operational and logistical...

What is Contract Management Software?

Contract management software is a sophisticated way to ensure your company’s entire contract lifecycle is foolproof and compliant. In this article,...

It's about Time...and Dates!

Happy October everyone.  We're exited to announce a few new features that have been heavily requested.  ContractSafe now allows you to include Custom...

How to Manage Procurement Risk with Contract Management

Risk management professionals, in the broadest sense, must concern themselves with anything that can potentially create liability for the company or...

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