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Category: Contract Management Terms

What is Contract Management Software?

Contract management software is a sophisticated way to ensure your company’s entire contract lifecycle is foolproof and compliant. In this...

ContractSafe included in Top 20 Contract Management Blogs List

Fun news...ContractSafe was included in the list of the Top 20 Contract Management Blogs.  We know what some of your are thinking.  There are...

Legal Terms and Concepts Every Contract Manager Should Know

Contract managers come from all walks of life. Some are attorneys, some have paralegal training, and some have worked in legal departments. These...

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What Are the Most Frequently Negotiated Terms in Contracts?

Contracts serve many purposes for the business organization. Companies memorialize agreements with employees, vendors, customers, and numerous...

Confidentiality, Limitation of Liability & Other Terms Every Contract Manager Should Know

Contracts are ubiquitous in an organization, representing the company’s formal relationships with a multitude of parties. The process begins with...

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