What Contract Managers Need to Know About GDPR

Randy Bishop | April 27, 2018

Data is a hot topic these days, and  often in a bad way. Think about all the massive breaches, like at Yahoo, where 3 billion accounts were compromised or Equifax which yielded up the Social Security numbers of 143 million customers. Then there’s the recent accusations of Cambridge Analytica using data it has collected for things it didn’t inform people it was going to use it for, namely the hyper-targeting of individuals for political ads.

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ContractSafe now available in GDPR-compliant version!

Ken Button | January 11, 2018

ContractSafe announced today the availability of a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant version of its site hosted in the European Union.  Following recently-launched integrations with SalesForce, DocuSign and SAML2.0-compliant single-sign-on solutions, the GDPR-compliant ContractSafe solution gives businesses subject to GDPR an affordable and simple way to end their contract headaches.

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