What Special Principles Apply to Commercial Contracts?

Randy Bishop | July 03, 2018

Anyone dealing with contracts on a routine basis knows how complicated contracts and the legal system that shapes them can be. Needless to say, the substantive content of a wide variety of provisions found within contracts can be a lot to digest and understand. Plus, if you work in multiple states, you have to consider the different laws of multiple jurisdictions, and possibly federal law as well.

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Can a Contract Entered Under Duress Be Invalidated?

Ken Button | June 26, 2018

People sign contracts for lots of different reasons. Usually, the contract represents something positive for all of the parties involved. For example, a willing seller of a product or service finds a willing buyer who needs that product or service. The parties agree on a price, and everyone is happy.

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Does Everyone Have the Capacity to Enter Into a Contract?

Randy Bishop | June 14, 2018

While we have no idea how many contracts are created daily across the United States, the number would certainly be staggering. Truthfully, most of those contracts will lead dull, boring lives. They will be formed properly and their parties will honor them in good faith.

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What Is the Statute of Frauds and What Does It Cover?

Ken Button | June 08, 2018

How many times have we all heard someone say something like, “You better get it in writing,” or, “Give it to me in writing”? In colloquial speech, we often use such phrases as joking responses to statements or promises made by friends or family members.

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Four (Often Odd) Historical Contract Cases Lawyers Still Study

Ken Button | May 31, 2018

While reading about the elements required to form an enforceable contract might appear a bit dry to some, the history of contract law has all sorts of entertaining and interesting stories. Many of today’s contract rules were developed over hundreds of years by judges in the cases they decided. And it is the facts of these cases that can be memorable. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of these historical contract cases which are often still studied by today’s law students.

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