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11 Procurement Risks You Need To Know

Remember the Suez Canal fiasco?

12 Contract Management Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

Do you love motivational quotes and posters featuring adorable kittens “hanging in there”?

6 Must-Know Elements of a Contract

Did you know that the first-ever contract was created over 4,000 years ago

9 Crucial Contract Management Tools for 2023

We know — contract management is kind of like weeding your garden. 

What Is Contract Management in Healthcare? (+5 Benefits)

Behind every great hospital, there’s a team of administrative wizards keeping the whole ship afloat. 

How to audit your Contract Management Process

Good contract management practices are imperative to a business's long term growth. Small process inefficiencies may not seem like a big deal on the...

How to Track Changes Better in a Contract Management System

Tracking changes, also known as redlining, refers to the contract lifecycle stage where legal teams and other contributors take turns reviewing,...

What is the contract management process?

In many ways, contracts are the backbone of business operations. customer service, vendor deliverables, employee obligations, and real estate terms...

Education Contract Management Software

Due to the sheer volume of vendor contracts and intellectual property that colleges and universities manage on a daily basis, they have developed a...

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